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How to Register?


To make your registration in Moulds and Plastics, you should first register yourself as a user, and then, make the registration of your company (in case you want to register it).

It is the user profile that have the permissions to the register company, post classifieds, post Business Opportunities and introduce products.

At the right top of the site www.mouldsandplastics.com you can find the area of access / registration of users.

Click the Enter button and go to No account? Click here. Fill in the fields with its authentication data.

Use this registry data, email and password each time you access the molds and plastics portal.


How can I register my company?


After making your registration, and enter the portal with your credentials, you can register your company.

Go to the registration area (top right) and click "My Company".

Fill in the fields with the requested data.

In the description field includes a presentation of your company.

You can associate more than one sector of activity to your company.

Check the categories and subcategories that your company buys, and categories and subcategories that your company sells.

If you want to add categories that are not in the list, please use the description fields.

Include your company's logo on the presentation. Add a file with the logo image, in the field Logo

Save your information.  

If you want to see how is his presentation click View Details. 

How to Publish a description of the Company in different languages?

If you want to publish the description of your company in the different languages of this site - Portuguese, French, German and Spanish, than you have to:

1 - Register the company in the default language.

2 - Save the registration.

3 - After this, a box with different languages will be available.

3 - Select the language you want to record the information of your company and change the Description field text to the selected language.

4 - Save

Repeat the action for all languages in which you want to present your company.  

How to insert a product?


To publish your products, first you have to register your company.

1 - Go to the 'Your Registration" and click on "My Products".

2 - Then click in "(+) New Product"

3 - Fill in the fields related to your product.

4 - For greater visibility of your product, include an allusive image.

5 - You can also attach a file, for example, the technical specifications of your product.


How to insert a product in different languages?

After saving the product information in the default language of your registration, you can change the Title and Description fields for the remaining languages of Moulds and Plastics platform.

Follow these instructions:
1 - Select the language you want to publish your product;

2 - Change the title and description fields for the new language;

3 - Keep the change.

Repeat this action for all languages in which to save your product.

How to launch a business opportunity?

To launch a New Business Opportunity Login in your account, and go to "My Business Opportunities".

Click + New Business Opportunity and fill in the fields with the information about your business opportunity.

Please, don't forget to mark if you want to sell or buy something. 

How to publish a business opportunity in different languages?

Once you write and save a business opportunity, in the default language, you can publish the same content in other languages available on the site. 

To publish a Business Opportunity in German, Spanish, French or in German follow the next steps:

1 - Select the language you want to publish your Business Opportunity;

2 - Change the Name and Description fields for the new language;

3 - Save the change.

Repeat the action for all languages in which to save your new business opportunity. 

How to publish a Classified? 


In Moulds and Plastics platform a classified can be:

  • Job offer;
  • Disclosure opportunities used;
  • Plastic opportunity to publicize used;
  • another type of ad.
To place your Classified:
  1. Enter the "Your Registration" and go to "My Classifieds";
  2. Click New Rated and fill in the fields with information on the classified it aims to provide; 
  3. Select the category that fits the advert (disclosure of a job offer, disclosure of machinery, equipment, molds or used tools or other classified.

How to publish a classified in different languages?

If you want to to publish a classified in the different languages available in this site, than you have to:

1 - Record your classified in the default language.
2 - After this, will be available a box with different Languages option. Select the language in which you want to promote it ranked.
3 - Fill in the fields: Title; description; Introduction in the selected language. (The remaining fields take the information already published in the first record.
4 - Repeat for all languages in which you want to publish your classified.

How to delete Products, Business Opportunities and / or Classifieds?


To delete items in section Products, Business or classifieds Opportunities follow these steps:

  1. Enter in your profile (Your Registration);
  2. Select My Products / My Business Opportunities or My Classifieds (depending on what you want to delete);
  3. Access the content you want to delete. In the bottom left corner click Delete.

How to change de language?

The Moulds and Plastics portal is available in five different languages:

To change the navigation language click the language options on the top right of your screen.
Regardless of the language selected to navigate the portal, you can publish your content in different languages available on the portal.

How do I make a search?

To perform a search on Moulds and Plastics.com, enter the word you are looking for in the search field and indicate where you want to perform your search.
Select Business Directory / Directory of Products and Business Opportunities and write what are you looking for. 

How to register my company as Premium?

Contact us through [email protected] or [email protected] emails 
or through the telephone number 916 537 510